Vacuum cooler for flowers

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Once the flowers are cut, they should be pre-cooled immediately to reduce the physiological activities and ethylene release. Flower vacuum cooling technology controls the vacuum level during the pre-cooling process to control the temperature and humidity in vacuum chamber. Moreover, the vacuum level is related to the physiological characteristics, sensitivity, humidity and also the capacity of vacuum cooler. The average moisture loss is one-percent for each ten-degree Fahrenheit temperature drop. For those flowers which need be cooled to ultra-low temperature, Focusun provides hydro vacuum cooler to avoid excessive moisture loss and keep the freshness.


all kinds of flowers, especially those with high respiration, such as roses and carnations.

Vacuum cooler for flowers
  • Hydro vacuum cooler: designed with additional water circuit to meet the rapid cooling while to avoid excessive moisture loss.
  • Uniform cooling: cool down the temperature inside and outside the products in a consistent steady and uniform way.
  • High accuracy: equipped with imported digital display temperature and humidity controller, which can accurately control the vacuum and humidity, ensuring excellent tolerability and operation of vacuum cooler.
  • Easy to operate: PLC screen control, automatically stop the cooling process when the pressure and temperature reach the number settled. Equipped with remote control and monitoring equipment which facilitate the operation and quickly resolve equipment failures. Vacuum cooler for flowers