Focusun Refrigeration Corporation is one of the world's leading suppliers of a wide range of ice machines, refrigeration solutions and services in the field of ice making industry. We provide professional solutions for commercial and industrial cooling projects. As the top manufacturer of ice machine in China, Focusun™ dedicates itself into researching and developing advanced refrigeration technology. We mainly design and manufacture tube ice machine, block ice machine, flake ice machine, cube ice machine, plate ice machine, slurry ice machine, water chiller, concrete cooling system, automatic ice storage system, dynamic ice storage system, snow making system and all kinds of cold rooms.

More than 35,000 square meters of standardized modern plant and professional product testing platform

World's Leading Refrigeration Turnkey Solutions

Focusun is the leader in automatic ice making field all over the world. And thanks to our decades' experience, Focusun is able to provide advanced refrigeration solutions for more than 18,000 professional clients in 89 countries.

Professional people is in charge of shipment. Focusun ice machine is ready to our customer.

We are actively engaged in designing economical and environment friendly ice cooling solutions for various industrial and commercial fields. Focusun's proprietary technologies and internally-developed processes are the fruit of 84 years of continuous innovation, based firmly in know-how built from work in the field. We customize these technologies to create optimized solutions applicable to the specific needs of each customer and each project.

Our technicians and salesman are dedicated to providing the most suitable solution for our customer.

With advanced technology in industrial refrigeration and heat exchange, experienced technical team in Focusun will devote to studying breakthrough solutions in plenty of fields such as ice machine equipment, ice making industry, mine cooling, concentrated heating/cooling and so on.