Systematic Factory Management

Applied advanced ISO and 6S management system into daily management of factory, we strictly control every step of production process in order to improve work efficiency and product quality. Besides, we pay more attention to working procedure management to bring more value and better service to customers.

Systematic Factory Management
Mighty mission

Focusun aims to be the first choice of customers in the global ice machine market. For the great achievement, it has been sticking to the principle of creating markets with outstanding quality, and of establishing brand with great integrity.

Focusun strengthens creative design and strict quality supervision to provide high performance ice machines to meet growing market demands. It pays close attention to clients' needs and provides global service & technical support in time. It views the staffs as the most valuable resources and inspires their growth by themselves.

Core value

Focusun has practically taken ultimate responsibility for each of its client. The core value "Honesty, Integrity and Responsibility" is bringing the reliability from clients and profits for them.

Specialization: To win the respect and reliability of clients with superior quality and service.

Profession: To emphasize team-work with serious attitude and honesty.

Humanization: To develop a harmonious culture with humanistic care among staffs.

Value: To create value with the accomplishment of its mission.

In Focusun, our people have been committed to the improvement of refrigeration industry, and remained the never-changing spirit of technological innovation. Depending on the excellent product quality, superior technical support as well as high-quality service, Focusun has already become a professional supplier of refrigeration equipment with the respects and trusts from global customers.