Vacuum cooler for ready food

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Vacuum cooling systems are suitable for ready meat with the cooking operations, which can considerably shorter the cooling process, and therefore, inhibit the micro-organisms proliferation, extend the storage and shelf life and improve product quality and safety.

Vacuum cooler for ready food

FVC serious vacuum coolers widely absorb the advanced technology and using experience of the same kinds of products aboard. We make researches and develop new products combining the national conditions. Overall design scheme is advanced with reasonable matching. The equipment has high production efficiency and reliable operation,high degree of automation, low energy consumption. It’s the most ideal facilities for high temperature cooked food products.


Steamed, boiled, fried and baked food, such as ready meat, soy products, fast food, bread and so on.

Vacuum cooler for ready food
  • Typically 10-15 minutes to reach normal atmospheric temperature; 25mins to reach 10 ℃.
  • Uniform cooling: for vacuum cooling, the effect that package will affect cooling rate is negligible.
  • Clean and sanitary: in vacuum circumstances, effectively sterilize the products, inhibit the micro-organisms proliferation, and also prevent the cross-contamination.
  • Easy to operate: pressure sensor controls the cooling system and vacuum system. Equipped with remote control and monitoring equipment facilitates the operation and quickly resolves equipment failures.
Vacuum cooler for ready food