Vacuum cooler for vegetables&fruits

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The most rapid deterioration of your fresh produce or products takes place right after it has been harvested which is called internal field heat. Vacuum cooling machine is one of the most fast and effective way to reduce the internal temperature of your product from field temperature to ideal storage temperature. However, research indicated that the average moisture loss is 1% for each 5 to 6 degree temperature drop, that means vacuum level is too high, resulting in excessive loss of moisture and frostbite of fruits and vegetables. Since produce is sold by weight, besides standard vacuum cooler, a hydro vacuum cooler is also designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements, such as to cool the products to ultra-low temperature. With an additional water circuit and control, hydro vacuum cooler can prevent the excessive removal of moisture and improve the cooling rate.


leafy vegetables, radishes, lettuce, cucumber, mushroom, strawberry, watermelon, etc.

Vacuum cooler for vegetables&fruits
  • High cooling rate: solve the internal field heat problem in 20-30 mins, inhibiting
    organism growth of their own.
  • Uniform cooling: cool down the temperature inside and outside the products in a consistent steady and uniform way. Applicable to fruits and vegetables harvested on rainy days: it can quickly take away surplus moisture on their surface, achieving cooling effect.
  • Hydro vacuum cooler: designed with additional water circuit to meet the rapid cooling while to avoid excessive moisture loss.
  • Safe and stable: electric components are imported from famous suppliers to ensure safe working and long service life. Vacuum cooler for vegetables&fruits