Large capacity plate ice machine

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Product Description:

Daily capacity: 8~50Ton

Modular design: machine unit module, evaporator module, cooling system module. One or more semi-hermetic Bitzer piston or screw compressors connect parallelly. It can be put into use when connecting the refrigerant pipes , water and electric pipes in the three modules. Moreover, it’s convenient to install on spot.

  • Doffing ice by water and refrigerant gas at the same time, thus it just takes 120 seconds for the whole ice doffing process.
  • After doffing ice, the low temperature water is used to make ice which can save energy and increase production.
  • Add water purifier to make ice pure and transparent.
  • Utilize refrigerant gas discharged from the evaporator to heat and control temperature which guarantees the stabilization of ice making and doffing. It’s suitable for all over the world.
  • Evaporator is manufactured with stainless steel 304 and aluminum alloy, conforming to the sanitary requirements.
  • Plate type evaporator can increase or reduce plate groups randomly. It has various models.
  • Thickness of plate ice can be adjusted according to the controlled time.
  • Integrated and modular design enables convenient installment and maintenance on site.