Small capacity plate ice machine

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Product Description:

Daily capacity: 1~6 Ton

Plate ice making process introduction:

01:Cold water tank, 02:Cold water sprinkler, 03:Warm water sprinkler, 04:Refrigerant outlet, 05:Refrigerant inlet, 06:Water return inlet, 07:Refrigerant runner, 08:Double stainless steel plate evaporator, 09:Water sink, 10:Warm water tank, 11:Water inlet, 12:Cold water pump, 13:Reducer, 14:Warm water pump, 15:Ice crushing gadget, 16:Ice outlet

Ice making mode: the water is transported from the cold water tank to the cold water sprinkler by the cold water pump. It is then evenly sprinkled on the surface of the evaporator. Through the cycle working of the refrigerant, the water is created into plate ice.

Ice doffing mode: the water and overheating refrigerant gas begin a heat exchange with the plate ice at the same time. The plate ice loses adhesion and drops into the ice crushing gadget due to gravity.

Small capacity plate ice machine
Application fields:

Plate ice is usually used for ice storage systems, concrete mixing plants, chemical plants, mine, fresh vegetables ,fishing and other aquatic food industry.

After the second crushing, plate ice is around 25*25mm, widely used in restaurant, supermarket and café, etc.

Small capacity plate ice machine