Small capacity cube ice machine

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Product Description:

Daily capacity: 30kg~1755 kg

Compressor: Tecumseh (France)

Expanding Valve: Danfoss (Denmark)

Dry Filter: Danfoss (Denmark)

Solenoid Valves: Saginomiya (Japan)

Hydraulic Valve: Saginomiya (Japan)

Water Pump: Morrill (USA)

Cooling Fan: EBM (Germany)

Microcomputer IC board: Shanghai

Focusun professional cube ice machine is widely applied in hotel, wine shop, wine bar, banquet hall, western, fast food restaurant , convenience store, cold drink shop and other places which need cube ice. It can meet every customer’s demands for cube ice.

Small capacity cube ice machine
  • Refrigerant gas is adopted to doff ice which is fast, the whole ice doffing process only takes 150~180s.
  • Add ice doffing and drainage function. When doffing ice, the surplus water in cold water tank is drained immediately, making ice pure and transparent.
  • The original compressor imported from Europe or US has excellent performance ,low noise and high reliability.
  • Handpiece can be overlapped to double ice production. Small capacity cube ice machine
  • Microcomputer automatic system stabilizes the operation , making the process safe.
  • Ice storage adopts food grade PE material, completely conform to sanitary standard.
  • Huge ice storage door plank make ice-fetching and ice-cleaning simple.
  • Use R404A environmentally friendly refrigerant which is very beneficial for environment protection.
  • Evaporator pipe adopts red copper material supplemented by special nickel planting technology, expending service time and increasing refrigeration efficiency.