Large capacity cube ice machine

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Product Description:

Daily capacity: 1~20 Ton

Turnkey solutions: ice storage/Fully-automatic ice packaging machine/ Semi-automatic ice packaging machine/ice conveying system/containerized

Large capacity cube ice machine
  • One or more semi-hermetic Bitzer piston or screw compressors increase refrigerant efficiency.
  • Refrigerant gas is adopted to doff ice which is fast, the whole ice doffing process only takes 150-180 seconds.
  • Add ice doffing and drainage function. When doffing ice, the surplus water in cold water tank is drained immediately, making ice pure and transparent. Large capacity cube ice machine
  • Evaporator is manufactured with stainless steel 304 and aluminum alloy, conforming to the sanitary requirements. Large capacity cube ice machine
  • Integrated and modular design enables convenient installment and maintenance on site.