Slurry ice machine

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Slurry ice, a type of ice in slurry form, is a mixture of millions of tiny ice crystals and aqueous solution (usually as brine water, seawater or ethylene glycol ). Due to its special semi fluid state, slurry ice is also called fluid ice, flowing and liquid ice.

Focusun offers customers our two different methods to produce slurry ice: using brine water with 3.2% salinity and the second way is using seawater directly.

  • High-efficient cooling

    Slurry ice provides the largest contact area with products and ensures rapid and even heat transfer which brings a wonderful cooling efficiency. The effect is three or five times better than normal method.

    Slurry ice machine
  • Better quality

    The mobility, softness and shape of slurry ice ensures no damages on the surface of the cooling products.

    Slurry ice machine
  • Labor and time saving

    It can be pumped anywhere and anytime by using a common pipe, saving labor costs and time .

    Slurry ice machine
  • Lower energy costs

    Comparing to other solid ice, it offers better energy efficiency with lower Freon consumption and lower energy expenditure, thus reducing the operation cost.

  • Preservation of marine and aquatic products
  • Reservation of perishable goods like fish and poultry
  • For supermarket
  • Ice storage air conditioning system
  • Industrial refrigeration
Slurry ice machine Slurry ice machine
  • Compact structure, space-saving, simple installment.
  • Use stainless steel 316 in all contact areas which meets all food processing standards. Slurry ice machine
  • Multi-functional: can be designed for both shipboard and land-based applications.
  • Operated with low brine concentrations (3.2% salinity min).
  • Slurry ice can wrap frozen products completely thereby ensuring a rapid and efficient cooling performance with low power input.

As one of the most professional ice machine manufactures in the world, Focusun provides an advanced slurry ice technology. The capacity is available from 3 ton to 80 ton which can meet all kinds of customers’ requirements. Our engineers will also provide professional advice to help selecting the most suitable slurry ice system for you.

Slurry ice machine