Small capacity tube ice machine

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Product Description:

Daily capacity: 1~8 Ton

Turnkey solutions: Cold room/Fully-automatic ice packaging machine/Semi-automatic ice packaging machine

A complete unit with all parts assembled in a steel frame except its cooling tower (water-cooling) and condenser (air-cooling). It’s suitable for container transportation, easy to ship, move and install. Right after connecting to water and electricity, the machine can be put into use.

Tube ice making process:

Tube ice is formed in a vertical shell-and-tube vessel by water passing down inside the tubes which is cooled by the circulation of refrigeration on the outer surface. The tube ice is about 50 mm in length and 21,28,34 mm for options in external diameter.

Small capacity tube ice machine

The materials for processing are stainless steel SUS304, PE, aluminum alloy and so on. We adopt large round transition design to avoid cleaning corner. Its health level has reached the international HACCP and FDA certification standards. Special alloy material combined with unique heat treatment process makes the evaporator have the best thermal conductivity property.

Small capacity tube ice machine

Produce each accessory with more than 80 years’ experience in researching and developing tube ice machine.

Small capacity tube ice machine Small capacity tube ice machine

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