Large capacity tube ice machine

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Product Description:

Daily capacity: 10~50 Ton

Turnkey solutions: Cold room/Fully-automatic ice packaging machine/Semi-automatic ice packaging machine

Large capacity tube ice machine adopts modular design. The whole unit consists of evaporator module, compressor module, cooling tower module. With other supporting facilities, it’s very convenient for customers to store, ship, sell ice.

Large capacity tube ice machine

Advanced Technology: Pure German technology and more than 80 years’ research experience in refrigeration.

Pure Ice: Original Pre-purify™ patented technology makes ice crystal and reaches ice quality standard set by American Association of Water Quality.

Large capacity tube ice machine

Perfect Design: All equipment is assembled through CAD-3D simulation, making the arrangement of equipment units and pipes more compact. Thus the machine is more humanized to operate and maintain.

Hygiene: Evaporator adopts SUS304, PE and aluminum material. The hygiene level reaches HACCP and FDA approval standards.

High-efficiency: With special alloy material and thermal treatment, the evaporator has the best heat-conducting property which ensures high-efficiency of tube ice maker.

Water & Energy Saving: All compressors and condensers of the ice maker are equipped with controlling parts of heat exchanger, evaporating temperature, degree of superheat and oil return, making sure the compressor runs in the best working condition and gets a higher COP.

Superior Accessories: More than 80% of Focusun ice maker machines' accessories are globally famous brand.

Stability: Unnecessary drive disk assembly is saved and the machine is easier to operate and more stable.

Full-automation: PLC computer module controls ice-making process automatically which is clear at a glance.

Large capacity tube ice machine