Solar power cold room

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Solar power is the most clean and durable energy. It combines the features of universal, harmless, huge and free. In tropical and subtropical regions, the sun is generally illuminated for more than 6-8 hours, which creates favorable conditions for solar energy to work as a driving device.

The solar energy will be transformed into electricity in advance and stored in the battery. When the cold room is running, the converted electricity will be used as the driving power. I t is a new cold room construction idea. We highly recommend solar power cold room supplemented by a generator as backup program.

Solar power cold room

Due to the low conversion efficiency of solar energy, this program is therefore suitable for the regions where can meet the following conditions: adequate lighting time, high annual average temperature, small construction area for the whole cold room project, inside temperature above -15℃.

  • Solar energy is the only inexhaustible, non-pollution, green and safe, low-carbon and environmental new energy. It acquires electricity by solar power and then realizes photoelectric conversion.
  • Solar power cold room has high quality energy which can help decrease users’ cost and increase more profits.
  • Acquiring energy with less time expenditure safer using process.
  • Automatic design makes simple operation and safety, reliability. Solar power cold room
  • Integrated and modular equipment guarantees convenient installment and maintenance on site.
Solar power cold room

Focusun technical engineers have rich experience in the research of solar energy and refrigeration technology. They have provided plenty of feasible and cost-effective solutions for customers from different countries and regions in the world. For more detailed information on the construction of solar power cold room, please contact us at