Industrial cold room

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Focusun cold room is widely applied for retaining freshness and cold storage in the business of biology, industry, military, food, florist, farming, medicine, logistics, hospitality and food processing.

Our industrial cold room is divided into four types: fresh-keeping cold room, storage cold room, freezing cold room, non-standard cold room.

Fresh-keeping cold room: +3℃~ +25℃ for preserving vegetables and fruits, dairy products, wine, chocolate, fresh eggs and meat, medicine, tea leaf, seed and etc.

Refrigerated cold room: -25℃~ -10℃ for frozen fish and meat,frozen poultry, frozen eggs and etc.

Freezing cold room: -45℃~ -25℃ for storage of fresh fish and meat, rice and flour products, ice cream, blood products, chemical raw materials and etc.

Non-standard cold room: -80℃~ -30℃ for electron metallurgy, bio-pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering, automotive building materials, aerospace industrial freezing, various kinds of ultra-low temperature cold treatment experiment.

Industrial cold room
  • Microcomputer control system make the temperature constant and fluctuation range is small which guarantees high stability.
  • Fully-automatic computer high precision temperature controller make sure that the control accuracy is up to ±0.5℃.
  • Operation is simple and intuitive and running is economical and efficient.
  • Adopt advanced environmental refrigeration and heating technology, noiseless design.
  • Europe and US imported compressor, good performance and high reliability.
  • International renowned brand accessories guarantee long service time.
  • Safety and environmental material without pollution.
  • Adjustable indoor temperature saves up to 30% electricity, high efficiency and energy-saving.
  • Professional design with easy operation and elegant appearance.
Industrial cold room