Skiing snow making machine

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Focusun specializes in exploring snow maker and delivery system which are totally compliant with the situation of customers local place to get rid of the dependence on weather, making ornamental and practical artificial snow. We employ flake ice as raw materials. The flake ice machine turns water into flake ice(thickness about 1.5mm-2.0mm) which conserved in vessel bringing refrigeration system. When in need of snow, the ice is crushed into powder with the help of ice crushing system. The air conveying system(high pressured closed fan) transports the powder out to the designated area where needs snow, creating a snow falling scene so as to meet various needs.

Skiing snow making machine
  • Using flake ice as raw materials. Adjustability and large output can up to 1000-5000m³per day.
  • Realizing indoor and outdoor snow making. The surface of flake ice crushing artificial snow is close to natural snow, more aesthetic.
  • Artificial snow conveying system can realize long distance delivery like 300 meters. Spray snow straight-line distance can reach 25 meters. Skiing snow making machine
  • Artificial snow conveying system is complete containerized, reducing the cost of site construction and noise.
  • Artificial snow system is equipped with WEB intelligent monitoring and security system, realizing 24 hours of monitoring all day.
Skiing snow making machine