Focusun snow falling making machine FAS-3500G

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Description of product:

Capacity: 1500KG

Snow falling acreage: 50㎡

Voltage: 380V/5P/50Hz~60Hz

Cooling way: air cooling/water cooling

Refrigerant: R22/R404a

Artificial snow features: feels cold, very similar to natural snow, can create an effect of light flying sense

Application: hot springs, snow-themed bar, cold steam rooms, discotheques, cafes, snow huts, animals venues, large gatherings, films and television shows

Focusun snow falling making machine FAS-3500G

Focusun snow falling making machine FAS-3500G

  • Provide two kinds of snow making machine or snow falling machine which can work in above and below zero;
  • Without the limit of ambient temperature, making snow during spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons;
  • Light snow fall, capacity can be automatically controlled frequency conversion;
  • Diffusing snow, intermittent snow, blizzards type snow and other kind of snow mode, snow effect is obvious.
Technical parameters:
Subject Unit Technical parameter
Power supply Voltage/Phase/Hz 380V/3P/50Hz~60Hz
Refrigerant -- R404A
Snow capacity Kg/day 1500
Snow falling area 45
Condenser Fan power Kw 0.7
Cooling way   Air cooling
Compressor Manufacturer Bock
Operating power Kw 8
Horsepower Hp 10
Dimension Snow falling system (L x W x H)
Refrigeration system 1550*900*1930
Electrical cabinet 800*300*1800
Weight of Unit Snow falling system Kg 302
Refrigeration system 536
Electrical cabinet 102
Noise Indoor machine dB 65
Outdoor machine 70