Rake ice storage room

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In the field of concrete manufacturing, chemical reactor ice filling system, artificial snow making system and other large projects, automatic rake ice storage room is widely used.

Rake ice storage is equipped with the full function of automatic ice storage, automatic ice screeding, and automatic ice doffing, automatic ice weighing and screw conveyor system. It can achieve long-distance automatic conveying to improve efficiency and reduce labor.

Rake ice storage room
Product Description:

Rake ice storage room equipped with insulating layer up and down ,all round. Also, it attaches a refrigeration unit to bring down the temperature and keep in -10℃. Mechanical equipment inside the room can rake the stored ice and convey it to ice outlet automatically.

Insulation thickness standard of the ice storage room is 150mm.

Ice storage time: 1 month

The general rake ice storage room is middle-sized with the capacity from 50~200 ton. It can be customized as per customer’s actual condition.

  • Equipped with cold source, raking ice automatically.
  • Double insulation layer design guarantee the circulation of cold air in ice storage room and keep in -10℃ even though it’s full of ice.
  • Ice raking pole and shelf are manufactured by galvanization and stainless steel resisting rusts.
  • The storage room is framed by steel.
  • The automatic sensor and lifting gear of rake ice storage make the ice rake device rise and fall according to the actual ice level detected.
  • Many cameras are installed inside which ensures real time monitoring in control panel.
Rake ice storage room