Focusun 40T fresh water flake ice machine

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Description of product:

Daily capacity: 40T

Voltage: 380V/3P/50hz

Cooling way: air cooling/water cooling/evaporative cooling

Refrigerant: R22/R404a

Water source: fresh water

Container: 40ft

Flake ice features: The thin ice has advantages of large contact area and fast cooling speed, is easy to crush and mold.

Application: Supermarket fresh table display preservation; meat processing industry; food processing industry; aquatic product processing industry.

System solutions: rake ice storage room, water chilling machine, flake ice compactor

Focusun 40T fresh water flake ice machine

Focusun 40T fresh water flake ice machine

  • Low investment, and low operational cost;
  • Environmentally friendly, energy saving and highly efficient;
  • Full automatic design, accurate design and low fault rate;
  • The environment-friendly design decreases energy waste and greenhouse gas emission(A21E);
  • Excellent sales service and strong technical support.
Technical parameters:
Subject Unit Technical parameter
Power supply Voltage/Phase/Frequency 380V/3P/50Hz
Refrigerant   R22 or R404A
Capacity Kg/day 40000
Cooling way   Water cooling
Temperature Ambient temperature 35
Water inlet temperature 20
Compressor Manufacturer   Bitzer
Refrigeration capacity Kw 230
Total running power Kw 133.2
Compressor COP/EER Kw/kw 1.73
Horse power Hp 125×2 sets
Operating power Total running power Kw 147.35
Installment power Kw 180
Operating power of reducer Kw 2.2
Operating power of cold water pump Kw 0.75
Cooling water pump Kw 7.5
Fan of cooling tower Kw 3.7
Dimension Size of ice maker (L×W×H)(mm) Unit:2800×2200×2200
Size of cooling tower (O.D.×H)(mm) Φ3300×2785
Size of water feeding pipes of cooling tower   1"
Size of cooling water pipes   5"
Size of water feeding pipe   1"
Size of ice outlet mm Φ2160
Weight of unit Operating weight of flake ice maker Kg Unit:3000
Operating weight of cooling tower Kg 2730
Water supply pressure requirement Bar 1.5