Direct refrigeration block ice machine

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Product Description:

Daily capacity: 1~100 ton

Weight (kg/block):5~50 kg

Features: It can be directly eaten and completely conforms to food standards

Color: milky white

Usage mode: automatic

Water feeding way: automatic

Height restriction:≤2.8m

Turnkey solutions:

water tank
cold room
block ice crusher
water chiller (suitable for tropical areas)
containerized unit

Ice making principle:
Direct refrigeration block ice machine

Water will be added automatically to ice cans and directly exchange heat with refrigerant. After a certain ice making time, the water in the ice tank all becomes ice when the refrigeration system will change into ice doffing mode automatically. It doffs ice by fluorine gas and the ice blocks will fall down in 25 minutes. Aluminum evaporator adopts special technology ensuring the ice totally compliant with the food hygienic standards and can be eaten directly.

Direct refrigeration block ice machine

Workers weld aluminum tube evaporators extremely carefully in order to make high quality accessories.

Direct refrigeration block ice machine

Focusun homemade evaporators have more than 30 making processes with core technology which collects years’ experience in search and development from our technical engineers.

Aluminum evaporator adopts special alloy materials to guarantee high efficiency of heat exchange and long service time. Meanwhile , it’s antiseptic and antirust.

  • The aluminum parts in contact with water are rust resistance.
  • Doffing ice by hot fluorine gas is more energy-saving and reduces electricity consumption. The whole ice-doffing process only takes 25 minutes.
  • Ice making and doffing are fully-automatic, saving labor and time.
    Direct refrigeration block ice machine Direct refrigeration block ice machine

    Focusun block ice machine can choose equip automatic ice moving device. The ice moving shelf keeps horizontal with the bottom of ice holding plate. It can be put into use when connecting to a power supply. Ice block will be put outside the machine automatically, making transport more convenient.

  • Integrated and modular design make transportation, movement, installation more convenient.
  • Every direct refrigeration block ice machine can be designed and built as your specific requirements.
  • Direct system block ice machine can be containerized: maximum capacity of 6 T/day in a 20' container and 18T/day in a 40' container.
Direct refrigeration block ice machine

Focusun will also provide matched ice crusher for customers. After crushing, block ice has a wider range of application.

Direct refrigeration block ice machine

Customers who have purchased block ice machines will usually consider how to store block ice. Focusun can provide corresponding block ice storage room which designed and built as per customers’ requirements. Our one-stop service is aimed at making customers convenient.

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