Focusun 1T containerized direct block ice machine

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Description of product:

Daily capacity: 1T

Ice weight: 5, 10kg

Voltage: 380V/3P/50hz

Electrical consumption: 67KWH/T

Cooling way: air cooling/water cooling

Refrigerant: R22/R404a

Containerized style: 20ft

Features: edible, meet food standards

Focusun 1T containerized direct block ice machine

  • The inside and water contacting part of the pool is made of aluminum. It does not rust.
  • Hot fluoride deicing, more energy efficient, low power consumption, only need 25 minutes for ice doffing.
  • Automatic ice making and deicing process, reduce labor costs, save time and effort.
  • Easy to install, convenient to move, there is no need to build houses to place the machine and can be transported in trucks or ships.
  • Modular design, piping and circuit are connected completely and easy to operate, anyone who has no experience can operate easily.
  • New ISO transport containers, in line with CE certification, ISO9001-2008 quality system certification.

Focusun 1T containerized direct block ice machine

Technical parameters:
Subject Unit Technical parameter
Input power voltage/phase/HZ 380V/3P/50Hz
Refrigerant   R22 or R404A
Ice field Kg/day 1080
Temperature Ambient temperature 35
Water inlet temperature 20
Running power Total running power kw 4.85
Total installed power kw 6
Cooling water pump running power kw 0.12
Compressor Manufacture   Bitzer
Refrigerating capacity kw 7.86
Running power kw 3.83
Compressor COP/EER Kw/kw 2.05
Horsepower Hp 6
Condenser Fan power kw 0.9
Cooling way   Air cooling
Working time Ice making time hour(h) 7.5
Ice doffing time hour(h) 0.5
Outline size Block ice specifications Kg/block 20
Block ice outline size (length×width×height)(mm) 245×125×700
Block ice machine outline size (length×width×height)(mm) 1800×1200×2000
Dimensions of water supply pipe cooling tower   3/4part(3/4")
Block ice machine running weight kg 960
Water pressure requirements Bar 1